Our Process.

Fabrik treats each client and project uniquely. We combine methodical rigour and creative imagination to produce workable solutions.

our process - discovery


We start every project by using our most valuable tools... our ears and eyes. We dig deeper and research further to fully appreciate the intended audience, the landscape we are working in and what it is we’re being asked to achieve. Only then will we make recommendations on a way forward.


We then look at our research from every angle to understand who we are talking to and decide how best to communicate with them. This analysis of our initial research will underpin how we feel a project should progress and we’ll thoroughly understand and explain why we’ve chosen a particular solution before we start.

our process - analysis
our process - expression


We’re full of ideas, and we’ll put them to good use in whatever combination of words, design, tactics or engagement will help achieve a positive result.


Finally we take our ideas and apply them to the real world. We design beautiful brochures, produce eye-catching public displays, write engaging marketing copy, create memorable brand identities and develop strong community identities. We know how to make what we do work for you.

our process - application